Super Transformer Oil

Falcon Super Transformer Oil meets the requirements of IEC 296-82 Class 1, BS 148:1998 Class 1 and Australian Standard AS 1767-1975.

Falcon Super Transformer Oil is a highly refined, naphthenic fluid used as insulating and cooling medium in transformers, switch gears and capacitor applications.  It has effective conductive heat transfer properties which improve cooling of transformer components. Its high dielectric strength ensures excellent insulating characteristics. The highly refined base fluid limits the formation of sludge, deposits and soluble compounds which shorten the oil service life and lead to a breakdown of the oil electrical properties.

Falcon Super Transformer Oil does not contain polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)

Falcon Super Transformer Oil is recommended for use in transformers, oil-immersed switchgear, circuit breakers, oil-filled capacitors, tap changers, electrical reclosures, and fuses.

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