About us

As rapid technological growth in the automotive, industrial and marine sectors created a growing demand for increasingly advanced lubricants, Sharlu, as a pioneer in the manufacture of high quality oils and lubricants, was able to anticipate and meet new demands as they arose. Working in close co-operation with additive manufacturers, we successfully kept pace with the changing market, so securing our position as market leader.

Today, this commitment to progress and to capitalizing on new opportunities as they arise remains unchanged.

How did we get where we are?

Lying at the hear of our success is the support and dedication of the sharlu team and the commitment we make to our customers and partners to provide a consistently high-level of services, support and technical assistance.

What drives us?

Simply stated – our customers. Everything we do is geared towards ensuring customer satisfaction. Which is why all of our products are manufactured to the highest international standards, and that’s why our quality management systems are amongst the strictest in the industry. It’s a testament to our commitment to quality that Sharlu is an ISO 9002 certified company.

What is important to us?

We never loose sight of the fact that we are in business to serve our customers, and that their complete satisfaction is paramount to our success. And so we ensure that all of our customers are able to call on a service that’s tailored to their needs. Individual orders for quantities ranging from ¼ liter packs to 210 liter drums are treated with equal care and attention, and are quickly and efficiently processed.

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