About Us

The Sharlu Company is one
of the world's leading
providers of Oil.

As rapid technological growth in the automotive, industrial and marine sectors created a growing demand for increasingly advanced lubricants, Sharlu, as a pioneer in the manufacture of high quality oils and lubricants. was able to anticipate and meet new dernands as they arose. Working in close co-operation with additive manufacturers. we successfully kept pace with the changing market, so securing our position as market leader.


We’re More than an Oil Company

Sharjah National Lube Oil Co. LLC is a private limited liability company incorporated under the Federal Companies Law and owns and operates a blending plant in the Emirate of Sharjah, UAE. We have been in the business of manufacture and marketing of lubricants for the previous 35 years.

  • The first company to offer locally manufactured, high quality lubricants
  • We offer customers the convenience of direct onshore delivery
  • The first company to export UAE produced lubricants to the rest of the world
  • When the time came, and Sharlu was established as a reliable, competitive supplier of lubricants.

Sharlu’s Agency division markets base stocks, unsaturated polyester resins, fiberglass and associated raw materials.


Despite our continuing success, we at Sharlu aren’t about to rest on our laurels. We believe passionately in the need for continued growth, and are as ambitious today as we ever were. Our plans for the future are many and varied. These include the installation of new storage and handling facilities, the further automation of customer order and delivery system and the setting up of advanced blending and filling facilities for the manufacture of specialty lubricants.

Corporate Responsibility

At Sharjah National lube oil Company, CSR is ingrained in our mission and values. We support charitable organizations, reduce our carbon footprint, and promote sustainability. Our strict code of conduct ensures fair labor practices and environmental responsibility. Through CSR, we build trust, attract socially conscious stakeholders, and differentiate ourselves in the market.