A high quality, rustinhibited circulating oil based on superior quality natural high viscosity index solvent refined paraffinic base stock with special foam inhibitor. It is specially formulated with state of the art additive chemistry and is recommended for use in a variety of bearing, mill duty hydraulic and circulating oil applications which require a lubricant with rapid water separation, rust and corrosion protection and foam control. It is specifically formulated for use in backup roll bearings found in ferrous and nonferrous rolling mills, general purpose bearing lubrication, circulating oil systems, “once through” oiling systems, seal oil applications and other similar end uses.


It is recommended for system operating under mild condition. It can be used in hydraulic systems, pumps, enclosed industrial gears and bearings where oxidation resistance and antiwear is not of prime significance. It is suitable for industrial application where oil losses are high and heavy contamination requires frequent oil change

• Excellent rust and corrosion protection
• Quick water separation
• Good foam control