Soluble type cutting oil containing a wide variety of additive components selected for specific purpose and blended in controlled proportions with suitable build in biocide component.
It is general purpose soluble oil formulated for extra lubricity. It exhibits high levels of detergency and reserve alkalinity, low foaming tendencies, and contain a bactericide to combat a wide spectrum of microorganisms commonly present in sump and reservoir.


It is general purpose soluble type cutting oil for use with water of normal hardness. A dilution of 4% to 8% is suitable for the majority of application. It is advised to start with 4% and adjust as necessary. The emulsion is prepared by adding oil to water and not vice versa. It is non- staining and can be used on both ferrous and non ferrous metals in a wide variety of machining operations including grinding, milling, turning and drilling. It is expected to provide a longer life and better emulsion stability.

• Minimizes friction between the tool and work piece to facilitate machining at increased production rate.
• Improved precision and better surface finish.
• Excellent corrosion inhibition properties.
• Increased tool life.
• Long lasting emulsions due to balanced combination of base oil, emulsifiers and coupling agents.
Prevents against bacteria and fungus growth.