Sharlu Coolant is a ready to use glycol based fluid designed for the protection of water based cooling systems in petrol and light diesel vehicle engines. It is a specially formulated mixture of mono-ethylene glycol, water and selected chemical agents to provide outstanding all round protection. It ensures optimum engine cooling and effective protection against rust and corrosion of engine aluminum and cast iron water jackets. The product is compatible with metals used in engine cooling systems including aluminum alloys. It is harmless to rubber hoses and gasket.

• Sharlu coolant is to be used in internal combustion engine water cooling systems. The product can be used neat or be further diluted with pure de-mineralized water depending upon the climatic conditions.
• In a clean cooling system Sharlu coolant will deliver optimum performance and protection for up to one year after which the system should be drained and thoroughly rinsed with clean water before being refilled with Sharlu Coolant. After topping up, the engine should be started for a few minutes. Periodical top up can be done with pure de-mineralized water.

• Effective year round engine cooling without boiling.
• Prevents sludge and scale deposits
• Prevents cavitations.
• Efficient lubrication of water pumps
• Compatible with metal used in engine cooling systems including aluminum alloys