Sharlu CVT Fluid is a premium fully synthetic lubricant formulated for use in multi chain and push belt type CVT equipment in a wide variety of North American, European and Asian vehicles using continuously variable transmission (CVT). Before use, always, refer to the Operator Manual of the vehicle issued by the manufacturer.


Sharlu CVT Fluid is recommended for use for applications requiring:
• CVT Belt & Chain
• JASO M315 1A-13
• Mitsubishi SP II, III
• Hybrid capable

Sharlu CVT Fluid is a full synthetic automatic transmission fluid developed to meet the needs of continuously variable transmission (CVT) using either chain / pulleys or belt / pulleys design.
Sharlu CVT Fluid provide the followings when properly used:
• Extended friction durability to provide superior anti-shudder performance and enhanced driving comfort.
• Gives superior automatic transmission response through smooth shift feel and reduced shift time lag
• Extends life time duration due to high shear stability at high temperature and high oxidation resistance
• Increase wear protection of belt, chain and pulleys.
• Seal compatibility for leakage prevention