It is anti-mist, active sulphur cutting oil designed for use in moderate to severe machining operations. Our cutting oils are available in different EP levels and viscosity grades to cover a wide variety of machining operations and metals.
It is formulated using high quality refined base stocks with naturally high viscosity index and carefully selected additive package. It contains a unique synergetic extreme pressure additive system that readily react at the chip tool interface to form extremely effective boundary lubricating films which reduce frictional heat and prevent metal-to-metal contact of the tool and work piece. All our cutting oils possess excellent anti-wear and anti-weld properties to help maximize tool life.


It is suitable for use deep hole drilling, gear cutting, reaming, broaching and tapping. It may also be used in turning, planning, shaping, drilling and milling of metal piece.

• Excellent lubricity and extreme pressure properties.
• Chip-to-tool welding (built up edge) minimization
• Promotes increased tool life.
• Closer tolerance.
• Corrosion/ rust protection of part and machine
• Low smoke/ mist tendencies.