Gas Engine Oil

Star Gas Engine Oil is a heavy duty, mono-grade gas engine oil. It is specially formulated from high viscosity index, low pour point base stocks fortified with carefully selected additive package to meet the diverse lubrication needs of a wide range of gas engines burring natural gas. 

Star Gas Engine Oil provides exceptional control over deposits formulation, oil oxidation, oil nitration and engine wear. The excellent control on ash prevents deposits formation in the combustion chamber, around piston rings and on outlet valves, thus eliminating valve bur-out and the pre-ignition hazard which adversely affects the combustion cycle. 

Star Gas Engine Oil offers an outstanding neutralization capability through better TBN retention. It possesses excellent thermal stability and load carrying ability which maximizes engine protection against metal-to-metal contact at severe operating conditions of high load and high temperature. 

Star Gas Engine Oil is recommended for the high output, naturally aspirated and turbo charged, medium to high speed gas engines burring natural gas and requiring excellent control on as level. 

Star Gas Engine Oil is superior quality oil with extended drain intervals. It is available in two ash levels to fulfill the diverse requirements of various gas engine manufacturers.

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